Comedians take up the difficult task of addressing social issues and popular culture with humor, regardless of whether the subjects they engage with are inherently funny to the general public. Pete Davidson has been criticized for missing the mark with some of his stand-up routines and Saturday Night Live punchlines but the 25-year-old actor continues along his path despite any hurdles placed before him. On Monday, Davidson took on R. Kelly, according to Us Weekly.

During his performance at The Bell House, the entertainer began with his usual self-deprecation. “I thought I was having a bad year …” He related his plight to that of R. Kelly who is dealing with sexual assault allegations, both resurfaced and new. “Man, that guy is evil,” he said, before adding that the R&B singer “should get shot in the f—king face.” This comment would make Pete yet another celebrity who opposed Kelly, though most of these critics usually do not express their opinions with violence.

His set also included one of his seemingly favorite topics. Davidson mused about his ef-fiancee Ariana Grande in relation to the size of his genitalia."[Ariana is a] tiny lady, so everything to her is huge," he said. "Every girl for the rest of my life who sees my penis will be disappointed."