Pete Davidson has been winning recently. His engagement to Ariana Grande has thrust him into a spotlight bigger than the one he already had, and the SNL comedian is experiencing a career high. Davidson is currently up near Syracuse, New York filming Big Time Adolescence with Machine Gun Kelly, and he almost caught an enormous L while driving with his friend. 

According to TMZ, Davidson was pulled over while driving in Syracuse last weekend at around 4 AM with a friend. The reason for the traffic stop was not revealed, but police claimed to smell weed when they approached the vehicle. That is usually the cops' first move when they want to cite a reason for conducting a search. After initiating a search, police found marijuana and arrested Davidson's friend for felony possession of a controlled substance and also cited him for unlawful possession of weed. In New York state, carrying under an ounce of weed in only punishable with a fine and a ticket. The possession of a controlled substance is the real interesting part of the report, which doesn't reveal exactly what drug got Davidson's friend booked. Police will not reveal what drug they found, nor will they explain why Davidson was let go, even though the drugs were found in his vehicle.