Sheck Wes is the latest rap personality to become fodder for an SNL parody. A video skit titled "Ruth Bader Rap" reworking Sheck Wes' "Live Sheck Wes" debuted on last night's telecast. For those who care to know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a noted figure in the Supreme Court Justice system, who's become a bit of a punchline for the SNL cast, especially Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon, the latter actually assuming the role "Ruth" when counted upon -the only difference this time around is the inclusion of fellow castmember Chris Redd.

The lyrics to the song are hardly cynical. The video begins as faces a deposition in a shadowy courtroom. "This country, man?” Davidson he asks. "It’s crazy. You know there’s only one lady holding the whole damn thing together, right?"

"You think some broken ribs are going to keep her down?" Redd replies. "Hell no, and hell no."

At which point, a deeply-invested Pete Davidson stands above the rest and declares: "This is for you, RBG," paving the way for Kate McKinnon as "Ruth" to make her introduction as the chorus sets in. I suspect that Pete Davidson, a lifelong hip-hop fan, was the main ingredient behind the skit's rough outline.

Even if "Live Ginsburg, and I ride for Ginsburg" becomes more popular than the original catchphrase, Sheck Wes is surely grinning as he reads the Funny section.