Ariana Grande just announced the launch of her newest fragrance with Luxe Brands. The new scent, Cloud, is set to debut in September of this year exclusively at Ulta.

Ariana’s statement on the new perfume was brief with her saying, “I love clouds, and I love this new fragrance. It is my favorite one yet.” But, many have chalked up the real inspiration to be found in Ariana’s fiancé Pete Davidson.

The couple has matching tattoos of clouds on their left middle fingers and they’ve been spotted using the same cloud-shaped phone case. Additionally, when posting about one another, they both tend to use the cloud emoji heavily.

If Cloud nine is the allusion here, Ariana will likely be floating on it whether this fragrance is connected to Davidson or not as current estimates predict that she will earn $50 million in sales within the first year.

“Ariana developed an exclusive preview of the fragrance for her fans available online with the download of her album. That’s Ariana bringing all worlds together,” said Noreen Dodge, chief marketing officer of Luxe Brands. “She uses her social influence, combining it with her music, to give her fans something special in advance of the fragrance launching in the market and further creating buzz about the brand. Ariana will be very active with the brand throughout the season.”

This will mark the fourth entry into Ari’s growing fragrance brand, which has grossed over $150 million since its launch.