Pete Davidson has no fear when it comes to going under the needle and updating his body with some permanent ink. He previously inked up his body quite a bit when he dated Ariana Grande, as we all know, and followed up by getting most of them covered after they broke up. Just last week, he debuted a new tattoo that's inspired by his best friend Machine Gun Kelly and today we've got our hands on an image of yet another piece of work.

New York tattoo artist Ryan Mullins shared an image of some work he did on Pete's forearm and it's a giant unicorn. We can't say for sure what inspired the tattoo or what the mystical beast even stands for. 

In other Pete news, he's now dating actress Kate Beckinsale who is 20-years his senior and MGK is a fan of his friend's dating choices. "I love that shit...that shit's tight," he told paparazzi, adding how he vet Kate for the sake of his friend but all signs point to her being "great." 

Kate's ex-boyfriend shared some advice for Pete as he embarks on a relationship with the actress. "Run....enjoy it while you can. I hope they're both happy I hope they can build to where it's an established good relationship," he said. "Just be careful."