It's no secret that Machine Gun Kelly and comedian Pete Davidson are good friends. Just a month ago when Davidson was struggling with his mental health after his split with Ariana, MGK flew to New York to be with his buddy and make sure that he got back on track. The two have been seen in public together quite frequently and are big fans of each other. This past week, their friendship has been on full display as they have been seen broing out together at the Sundance Film Festival.

The two are starring in a new film together, a dramedy called "Big Time Adolescence." The film is being premiered at the festival and they have been out and about promoting it. TMZ ended up catching up to the two and asked them if they plan on becoming the next Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau, who are known for popularizing the buddy comedy genre. 

Davidson and MGK didn't let on too much about whether or not a buddy comedy is in the works but they seemed pretty excited about potentially doing one.

Sundance goes all the way until Sunday, February 3rd so maybe we'll see more of the duo throughout the week.

Would you be excited to see their new film?