This was a forceful entry, even by Kris Kringle's standards. In footage shared by Reuters on Tuesday, one can see a man in a Santa Claus suit ram a sledgehammer through the door of a drug house in Lima, Peru. That man was one of many anti-narcotics officers who dressed up in white and red robes -- and even full-on Santa masks -- while conducting a recent drug raid in the Comas district, during which they confiscated 4,564 individual wrappings of cocaine. 

The Santas had their guns drawn before entering the drug house, which is allegedly used to distribute cocaine to gangs and to serve addicts. One can see the jolly white-bearded figures leading a number of suspected gang members out of the premises with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Four arrests were reported at the scene, with each of the suspects alleged to be part of the same "Pinto" clan. 

According to Colonel Jorge Luis Angulo, the Santa disguises apparently allow the officers to act more quickly and effectively due to the element of surprise. They also provide a means for the drug force to partake in the holiday spirit. The dealers, on the other hand, aren't feeling so festive. Nothing worse than spending Christmas in jail after getting cuffed by Santa himself.