Citizens in Jacksonville, Florida flocked to state beaches after they reopened Saturday, prompting viral criticism across the nation.

Florida, Beaches, CoronavirusSam Greenwood / Getty Images

“This can be the beginning of a pathway back to normal life,” Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said in a statement announcing the decision to reopen beaches. “But please respect and follow the limitations”

He added: “The data for Duval County is encouraging. For now, we need to stay the course and continue taking precautions.”

In pictures plastered across social media, beaches can be seen packed with people clearly ignoring the mayor's suggestion to "stay the course."

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who tested positive for COVID-19, says the decision to reopen beaches in Jacksonville is “very concerning."

“When they talk about the curve flattening and the curve descending, we still have not seen a major descension, what we’re seeing is more of a plateau in the state of Florida,” he said on MSNBC, Saturday. “And I’m concerned that if we’re not careful that we could see another flare-up.”

Following Saturday's situation, the hashtag "#FLORIDAMORONS" trended on Twitter.

The beaches will only be open for limited hours.

Earlier this week, Trump-advisor Stephen Moore described stay-at-home protesters at the "modern-day Rosa Parks."