The new mobile Pokemon Go game has everyone blindly running around the streets trying to collect all of the beloved characters but not everyone on the app is in it for Pikachus, Charizards and Bulbasaurs or whatever. 

For instance, a group of four teenagers in Missouri were using the Pokemon game to put a "beacon" at a certain location, luring users to the spot, and then robbing them. As if we don't have enough going on in this world, you can't even go outside to capture a digital rat on a casual Sunday without the threat of being mugged. SMDH.

O’Fallon Sgt. Phil Hardin joked to reporters that some of the younger officers had to let their colleagues in on the intricacies of the game so they could understand what the victim was talking about.

“All of the elements of a robbery were all there, so that part was easy, but the more in-depth discussion that followed was like, ‘What?’” Hardin said. “You really can’t make this stuff up.”

According to St. Louis police, all of the suspects were between the ages of 16-18 and may have been involved in over a dozen robberies in the area.