A teenager living in Pennsylvania, by way of Texas, has befriended a herd of deer to play basketball with because what else is there to do out in the sticks of Pennsylvania? 

Kelvin Pena has been going viral thanks to his newfound friendship with the deers who he has named Money, Bambi, Lola and Canela. When the gang isn't counting money or snacking on powdered donuts and strawberries, Pena is buckling their feeble legs on the blacktop.

Naturally, a crowd of PC activists have tried to bash him for the types of food he was feeding the deer so now he's trying to parlay his five minutes of internet fame into some quick cash for his four-legged friends.

For $25, you can buy a t-shirt and support the "Everybody Eats" cause so that he can buy the deer some more appropriate food.

Peep Kelvin's adventures with the bevy of deer below.