The New Orleans Pelicans have rolled over the competition in six consecutive contest, with exception to a squeaky overtime win against the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday.

Their frontman, Anthony Davis has taken his game to another level since teammate Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins was ruled out for the season. Let's put that all of that in perspective as we make a case for AD in the MVP race:

This run of form for AD coincidentally follows criticism made by Skip Bayless, a notorious bully in Sports Media, who branded him the most overrated player in the league. Even though those remarks have to be taken with a grain of skepticism, Skip's large national audience makes him an authoritative voice almost by default. Most spectators agree that Davis' performance of late is the deafening statement of the two.

A vindictive retort was issued by the New Orleans Pelicans Social Media Dept on Twitter, taking offence on AD's behalf. For my part, I see no evil in casting an MVP vote for Anthony Davis, but I myself might be leaning towards James Harden if he keeps up the pace.