Earlier today, The Blast published a story indicating that Cardi B was in the process of suing Quality Control Management, over an incident that originated last summer. Now, given the close relationship between Bardi and QC, it seemed likely that additional information was being withheld. In any case, The Blast remained adamant in their assessment, claiming that Cardi was looking to defer paying restitution, instead shifting responsibility to both her management team and the Mark Hotel. 

As the story gained traction, being picked up here, Complex, and various publications, Pee took notice. The Quality Control CEO took a moment to hit IG with an admonishing message, chastising the blogs in question (ourselves include) for peddling "Fake News." To increase the potency of the sting, Pee even used the signature Migos manner of typing, extending the scorn by double the space. The message only prompted the Blast to stand by their original story, claiming that "legal documents do not lie." 

The Blast proceeded to share receipts on their website, defiantly displaying snippets of their alleged "Legal Docs," which in fact point to their authenticity. Unless a greater conspiracy is indeed at play, there may very well be more to this one than meets the eye. Of course, should the original source be indeed incorrect, or in any way invalid, it's only fair to apologize to Pee, Cardi, and QC team. Yet at this moment, the situation remains shrouded with mystery. While it has, however, been vehemently denied by both Cardi and Pee, The Blast appear more than willing to fall on their sword for this one. 

More on this as it develops.