Israel Adesanya successfully defended his UFC Middleweight title against Paulo Costa on Saturday. The fight ended via knockout in the second-round as Adesanya was nothing short of dominant. Heading into the fight, there was bad blood between the two, especially since Costa continuously mocked Adesanya for being a white belt when Costa had a black belt. In the end, the belts didn't matter as Costa was obliterated.

Following the win, Adesanya actually humped Costa's backside twice before breakdancing right next to his pool of blood. Costa was unaware of these antics until after the fight when he got to see how it all played out. As one could expect, Costa was livid about this and took to Instagram where he demanded a rematch.

"Adesanya is human trash. This has become a grave situation! I saw his disgusting action after fight and I will not stop until I have my revenge. @danawhite make this rematch happen," Costa said. +

Since the fight, Adesanya has been talking a lot of smack on Twitter, and for good reason. With all of the bad blood prior to the fight, he is well within his right to claim the bragging rights. As for the humping and breakdancing, well, one could make the argument that it was just a tad excessive.