Things just don't seem to be getting any better for Robin Thicke as he and his estranged wife are deeply enthralled in a nasty custody dispute. Just a couple days ago news broke that Patton had filed a restraining order on Thicke that prevented him from being within 100 yards of her and their 6-year-old son Julian. 

Additionally, the order states that Julian is to remain under his mother's custody until the court hearing on February 24 and Thicke may only see his son on monitored visits until then. Now it seems that details have emerged on the situation as Patton has spoken out against her ex-husband for his abusive treatment of their son.

According to a report from TMZ, Patton is unsure what the final custody agreement will look like because she has no clue how much damage Thicke has caused their son. Julian allegedly told school officials that Thicke had been spanking him very hard and Patton has consistently claimed that Thicke has been abusive with the Julian. Apparently, Patton has the child in therapy to try and figure out why he is lashing out in disturbing ways like "freaking out" and hyperventilating.

While this all seems a bit disturbing, Thicke continues to maintain his innocence and claims that Patton is conveniently bringing up allegations from three or four years ago in light of the custody battle.

Though we are unsure of what exactly lies ahead, we can only imagine that more details will surface soon.

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