It was way back in 1991 when a 16-year-old Paula Patton met a 14-year-old Robin Thicke at an underaged dance club. The pair hit it off, but they didn't officially begin to date until years later. The budding artists were intimately woven into each other's personal and professional lives, and then in 2005 the two finally tied the knot. 

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Robin and Paul seemed as if they were an eternal match made in heaven, but in 2014 they decided to split after being together for 21 years. With such a long history together, there are plenty of memories that they share of one another, one of which was how Robin was responsible for helping Paula sing alongside Usher

On a forthcoming episode of TV One's UNCENSORED that airs on Sunday, Paula told the story of how her vocals ended up on Usher's classic 2004 album, Confessions. "While I was pursuing my acting career before I had actually booked a job, I was living with my boyfriend at the time who became my husband, Robin Thicke, and there was a lot of music in the house, which was amazing," Pauls said." So, I got to be apart of a lot of the music being made. One of them was Usher."

"Rob was working on his Confessions album. They just needed a female voice and I was handy and I was available. I sang on 'Can You Handle It,'" she said with a laugh. "But I definitely, the music industry did play a huge part—I mean, certainly [in] my social life—and it was another creative outlet that I loved. I mean, it was really great to be in a home where there was music coming out of the back bedroom that was a studio. I joke that I could have been doing A&R at some point. I certainly was hands-on with Robin with that, the element of that. And I loved it." Watch her clip below.