With the end of last year’s Furious 7 came the end of Paul Walker’s time on the silver screen, after being killed in a car accident in 2013. The car was being driven by Roger Rodas, a friend of Walker as well as his financial advisor. Apparently that friendship has not continued into the next life, because TMZ has reported that in 2014 Paul Walker’s daughter won a settlement with Rodas’ attorneys for $10.1 million.

The basis for the suit, as explained by the 17-year old Meadow Walker’s attorney Jeff Milam, is that Roger Rodas was partly to blame for the horrific accident. Meadow Walker will get just over $7.2 million, while the lawyer gets just under $3 million. However, the duo aren’t finished with their lawsuits. They plan to sue Porsche next, blaming the actor's death in part on defects in the car that Rodas was driving at the time of the crash.

It may be difficult for Walker and her attorney to win that case, as a few days ago a judge ruled in Porsche’s favor in a nearly identical suit filed by the widow of Roger Rodas. They still plan to move forward with the suit, citing differences in the way Walker died compared to Rodas. It’s always sad when lawsuits follow such tragic deaths.