Milwaukee Bucks fans aren't letting Paul Pierce off the hook just because their series with the Boston Celtics is finished. 

Kaitlin Sharkey of Fox 6 shared a photo of a flyer outside of the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee today, which features a photo of Pierce underneath a bold "MISSING" header. The missing persons flyer reads, "Last seen on 4/28, saying stupid stuff on ESPN."

In addition to the direct shot at Pierce and his terrible prediction, the listed phone number (which is addressed to the Bucks mascot Bango) cleverly references the final series tally with 1-4 and "Bucks N 5."

Pierce infamously declared the Celtics-Bucks series "over" after the C's stole Game 1. As we know, the Celtics went on to lose four straight games.

For those of you who may have missed it, or simply want a refresher, here's what Pierce said after Game 1:

"As a team, I don't know where Milwaukee goes from here. I think it's over."

He continued, "It's just seemed like Milwaukee was a way better team throughout the regular season [...] If Giannis [Antetokounmpo] doesn't have a monster game and somebody else doesn't step up, Boston is just going to out talent them."

Fans at the Fiserv Forum chanted "Paul Pierce Sucks!" during the series-clinching victory in Game 5, and The Truth was later dubbed "Donkey Of The Day" by Charlamagne.

To make his week even worse, Pierce was called out by his co-host Michelle Beadle for ripping a nasty fart before they went on air, and Jalen Rose piled on saying The Truth is a repeat offender