The Boston Celtics secured the #1 pick in the NBA Draft at the lottery on Tuesday night, thanks to a trade in 2013 which sent Celtics legend Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and others to the Brooklyn Nets.

If the Celtics choose to hold on to that #1 pick it is widely believed they'll take University of Washington freshman guard Markelle Fultz at NBA Draft on June 22nd. However, Pierce, doesn't think they should draft Fultz.

In fact, The Truth says the Celtics shouldn't draft anyone at all and should instead be looking to trade that coveted #1 overall pick for a proven All-Star like Jimmy Butler, Paul George or Gordon Hayward. 

"You trade this pick, because he (Markelle Fultz) cannot help the Celtics get over the top. The window is now," Pierce said Wednesday on ESPN's The Jump.

"You're a 50-win team, you're the No. 1 seed. You have to build on this momentum. If you can acquire a Paul George, Jimmy Butler, or Gordon (Hayward) from Utah, you have to do it."

Boston has until June 22nd to decide what they want to do with #1, but for now they have their hands full with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavailers. Game 2 of the ECF goes down tomorrow night at 8:30pm.

Check out a clip from the show below.