Throughout the NBA playoffs, former Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce took numerous Ls thanks to his ridiculous sports takes and bizarre behavior. It seemed as though every time Pierce opened his mouth, he said something ridiculous that had him facing ridicule on social media. In May, things got worse for Pierce as his problems moved from the airwaves to the court. Pierce was sued for defamation by a man named Christopher Mostello who was a security guard at the Conor McGregor & Khabib Nurmagomedov fight.

In the clip below, Pierce was unruly trying to get back to his seat and when Mostello gave him a hard time, he was called "racist." Mostello claimed his reputation was hurt and according to TMZ, he has won his lawsuit which means Pierce must pay $100K. The decision came after Pierce refused to respond to the lawsuit.

For now, it seems as though Pierce can't do much to fight this one as the court only sets aside judgments for those who can't really defend themselves. Since Pierce chose not to defend himself whatsoever, it looks like he'll have to pay up expeditiously, as T.I would say.

With this latest ruling, it truly seems as though Pierce is having himself an awful 2019. Perhaps once January rolls around, he can start taking some Ws again.