When LeBron James was on the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat, he had a longstanding rivalry with the Boston Celtics and their big three of Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnett. Pierce has always been the saltiest of the three when it comes to LeBron's ability at defeating the Celtics, in the later years of his run. Now that Pierce is a commentator on ESPN, he has taken every opportunity to throw some slander LeBron's way and after the Lakers lost game one of their series against the Portland Trail Blazers, that's exactly what he did.

Pierce stated that if LeBron were to lose in the first round against Dame and the Blazers, he should no longer be in the GOAT conversation. It was a pretty massive hot take that had Twitter up in arms, as they usually tend to be when it comes to matters involving Pierce, who has cemented himself as one of the more polarizing former players in the NBA.


Users took to social media with videos and clips of Pierce making a fool out of himself, although it was obvious that it was LeBron fans who were doing this. As for the detractors, they rushed to side with Pierce, stating just how much LeBron needs to win this series in order to keep his legacy intact.

Clearly, both sides are exaggerating quite a bit, but of course, that's NBA Twitter for you.