Paul Mooney found himself in some hot water in late August. Mooney, who worked closely with Richard Pryor, was facing allegations of sexually abusing Richard Pryor Jr. It was the comedian's former bodyguard, Rashon Khan, who brought the news to light during an interview. Khan claimed that Mooney molested Richard Pryor Jr. and that's why the two comedians had a falling out. 

Andrew Kent/Getty Images 

Shortly after the allegations surfaced, Mooney was hospitalized and canceled a show in Atlanta which prompted many to believe that he was dodging the allegations. His sons recently spoke to Comedy Hype where they addressed the allegations, claiming they're completely false. 

"Paul Mooney ain't hiding. Paul Mooney is not well," his son Dwayne asserted. "He doesn't even know what's going on right now, with all this Richard Pryor stuff. He don't need to speak on it. We're speaking on it. We're his oldest sons."

They continued to clarify that he's been sick and that he didn't cancel shows because of these claims. "My response is 'Fuck you,'" Daryl added. "Rashon, fuck you. Okay, coming out with some bullshit like that when Paul is ailing, after he's old. If the shit was hot, you should've told that shit years ago. Richard Pryor Jr. ain't say nothing about it so why you gonna tell somebody's business?"

Peep the full interview below.