After a blockbuster signing with the possibly one of the best teams in NBA History, Kevin Durant became the NBA's biggest super-villain and undoubtedly had a lot come his way, including losing out on his best friend, Russell Westbrook, though to be fair Durant reportedly didn't tell his former teammate where he was going till it was already announced to the media. 

However it all seems worth it in the end because Durant snagged himself his first NBA championship as well as the coveted Finals Most Valuable Player award, and according to Paul George, him and Westbrook are back on good terms. Westbrook himself had a historic season averaging a triple-double and taking home the league's Most Valuable Player award. 

"Whatever went between him and Russ that's their business," he told the Oklahoman. "It's not my point to want to know or want to figure out what happened. It's pointless. They are buddies, they are back good again. I'm here to build something different and something special."

Good to know Brodie has his friend back.