Paul George has been hit with a lot of slander over the past few weeks, mostly because of his role in the Los Angeles Clippers' epic collapse against the Denver Nuggets. George was so bad in the final games of the series that the internet dubbed him "Pandemic P" which is about as disrespectful as it gets. George has maintained that he is still an elite player in the league and whenever he speaks to the media, he tries to reassure the fans that he has big things coming on the horizon.

This was especially true today as he was interviewed by 2K Ronnie about his NBA 2K21 NextGen rating which sits at around 88 overall. This is a fairly low score for George, especially when you consider how he was an MVP candidate just over a year ago. Despite this, George said he is determined to raise his score, noting "This is going to be an amazing training going into this next season. I’m going to predict I’m around a 95. 2K22, I’ll be like a 96.”

Fans felt as though George being motivated by a video game rating was a stretch, and that he should be more interested in delivering his team a championship. These sentiments were made known on social media, as PG was hit with a ton of ridicule over the statement.

While we're sure George meant well by it all, the Twitter brigade has already determined George to be their next prolonged target.