Paul George was featured in an ESPN profile published by NBA insider Royce Young. The biggest takeaway from the editorial is interestingly enough centered around LeBron James, and an aversion to playing "under" him, as was the case with Kyrie Irving before his now infamous trade request. By all accounts, George and LeBron are on good terms, so it stands to reason that he wasn't picking a fight with the GOAT contender when he said the following. 

"You could say that about a lot of guys," George said. "LeBron is the best player in our league, but some people have a hard time playing with him. One thing you can't say about Russ is that he's not ready or he's not prepared. That's him every night."

The example of LeBron James as a competent teammate (in the eyes of a high achiever) was brought up when Royce Young asked George to explain why he thought Russell Westbrook has a bad rap for being "selfish." Paul George was nevertheless able to build chemistry with Russell on the court, but also gain his friendship, as sappy as that may sound.

Despite what's being said, LeBron has a proven track record of taking his teammates to the Finals..