When you get to be as big of an artist as Jay-Z is, it may be the case that you forget to call someone back. However, depending whose call that is, the person on the other end may get upset. This happened last year with Robert DeNiro and Hov-- DeNiro was upset that the rapper failed to return his phone calls, and called him out for it. Now, once again, Hov is being blasted in the news for neglecting to return his phone calls.

Singer/songwriter Paul Anka has a bone to chew with the New York native, as he told TMZ. Anka is working on an upcoming album, Duets, which will feature a bunch of big collaborations. Jay-Z, however, is not one of them, because the rapper did not return Anka's phone calls.

Anka said he feels completely disrespected by Hova, especially because he did sample Anka's "My Way" for his own song "I Did It My Way." 

Anka explained,"I called up Jay-Z, cause he did a track of 'My Way' where I loned him a track. I wanted to put him in on a rap with Michael Jackson, in the middle, I called him up, but Jay-Z has totally blown me off. He won't answer my calls, he's inappropriate in his behavior."

We'll have to see if this finally garners the attention of Jay. Check out Anka's interview below.