Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale says Cheifs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who signed a historic 10-year, $450 million extension this summer, is still underpaid. Martindale argues the reigning Super Bowl MVP should be paid over $1 billion for his unprecedented talent.

Patrick Mahomes, Ravens, BillionJamie Squire / Getty Images

"They could've paid him a billion," Martindale said Friday. "I'd still think he's underpaid.

"The mobile-type quarterbacks, you have to defend the first play, the second play and sometimes the third play," Martindale continued. "With the way he throws the football, you have to stay on your coverage no matter what. He can be on one side of the field and throw all the way across the other."

The Ravens will play the Chiefs during this week's Monday Night Football. During Martindale's tenure with the Ravens, the team has allowed the third-fewest passing yards in the league. His defense has given up 350 yards passing only three times, two of which came against Mahomes. 

"He has that football IQ level of [Tom] Brady and [Peyton] Manning," Martindale said.

Mahomes, 25, was drafted 10th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. During his short career, he's already won the Most Valuable Player award, as well as his first Super Bowl, during which he was named Super Bowl MVP.