In the midst of the Kansas City Chiefs impressive run which saw the team dominating on offense, the team cut running back Kareem Hunt after a video came out of him abusing a woman in a hotel lobby. Since then, Hunt has offered an apology for what happened, but teams have been reluctant to sign him and as of right now he is without a team. Two Chiefs players, quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce were both at a Madden event on Thursday and TMZ Sports caught up with them and asked about Hunt.

"He's still a buddy," Mahomes explained. "I wish all the best to him. It's stuff that he has to handle off the field and hopefully, he might get another chance on it."

Mahomes than said that all Hunt has to do is keep working hard and he'll find himself back in the NFL.

"As long as he keeps doing stuff off the field and getting back right, I'm sure he'll get another chance," Mahomes added. 

Kelce than echoed the same sentiments as Mahomes, saying that Hunt is "always gonna be a brother to me" and that the running back can always go to Kelce whenever he needs help dealing with off the field issues.