Patrick Mahomes has been dazzling football fans over the last year thanks to his incredible stats and throws that he puts up out on the field. There is almost no stopping the Kansas City Chiefs offense and Mahomes is the key reason for that. Last Sunday, Mahomes actually ran into a bit of trouble while playing the Detroit Lions. Mahomes didn't have himself a bad game by any means although he wasn't able to throw a touchdown pass.

With just over two minutes to go in the game, the Chiefs were losing 30-27 and they needed a game-winning drive. Thanks to some timely throws and a rushing touchdown, the Chiefs took a 34-30 lead and hung on for the win. Yesterday, the Chiefs took to Twitter with some behind-the-scenes footage of that last drive and the speech Mahomes gave to the offense.

In this clip, Mahomes is showing off just how great of a leader he is despite only being in his second full season. Unlike some quarterbacks his age, Mahomes knows exactly how to pump his guys up and in the end, it worked out to his benefit. The Chiefs are 4-0 on the season and will get to play the Indianapolis Colts next week.

If you're a Chiefs fan, it must be nice seeing such an incredible quarterback take to the field in your team's jersey week in and week out.