Patrick Mahomes pretty well tore up the NFL this season. In just his second season and first full year as the starter in the Kansas City, Mahomes threw for 50 touchdowns and over 5,000 yards. His performance earned him Most Valuable Player honors for the season and now pundits see him as a player that can bring the Chiefs to a Super Bowl. It's hard to imagine what the Chiefs would have looked like without Mahomes considering they had one of the worst defenses in the league. Well, in an interview with TMZ Sports, Mahomes' father, who also used to play professional baseball, says there was a time where he tried to convince Pat to quit football.

"They were recruiting him as a safety. And, I was telling him, 'Why don't we quit this and let's just concentrate on the other two?'" Mahomes Sr. explained. "I said, 'We're just wasting time with this football thing.'"

In the end, though, Mahomes was able to convince his dad to allow him to keep playing football, saying: "Dad, I want to be out there with my teammates. I want to be out there with the guys I've been playing with forever."

Mahomes played quarterback for Texas Tech and was drafted tenth overall by the Chiefs back in 2017.