Earlier today, it was reported that Patrick Beverley got disrespectful during the NBA players' meeting in the midst of the NBA strike. According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports, Beverley was rude to Michele Roberts who is the Executive Director of the NBPA. While discussing the financial ramifications of a boycott, Beverley reportedly got upset and wouldn't let her continue, saying "I pay your salary." Based on the report, it seems as though players like Udonis Haslem and Chris Paul took issue with this as they told him to cut out the disrespect.

Now, however, Beverley's teammates are rushing to his defense on Twitter. Clippers players like Amir Coffey and Ivica Zubac wrote that this exchange never actually happened and that whoever leaked the information is lying. Fans immediately began to make memes of the situation, insinuating that either Chris Paul or LeBron James were the culpable parties.

At this point, the only people who know what went down in that room are the players themselves. It's important to note that Haynes is one of the most respected and thorough reporters in the NBA, so it would be a mistake to discredit his sources. Not to mention, it behooves the Clippers players to come to the defense of their teammate.

Regardless, this whole situation seems to have numerous sides to it.