Patrick Beverley is known as the most vocal trash talker in the entire league despite consistently putting up a triple-single on the score sheet. He could get 40 points put on his head and he would still have something to say about your performance. It's why his teammates love him and opponents hate him. Last night, Beverley put his talents to good use as the Los Angeles Clippers decimated the Miami Heat by a score of 128-111.

Heat superstar Jimmy Butler ended up leaving the game early with a shoulder sprain and ended up finishing the match with just 11 points. Beverley took this opportunity to clown Butler on Twitter where he called him a "church mouse" who couldn't back up his own play.

It remains to be seen how Butler is going to respond to Beverley. There's a pretty good chance he'll just ignore it, especially when you consider Beverley scored a miraculous five points. With his latest injury in mind, we're sure Butler has a lot more important things to worry about right now. Without Butler, the Heat could be in big trouble and he'll want to get back in the lineup as soon as possible.

As for Beverley, this is the type of energy we will be seeing from him throughout the season and well into the playoffs.