The ever-combative Patrick Beverley thinks his Los Angeles Clippers has the goods to go all the way, if they remain healthy. TMZ caught up with Beverley outside an Los Angeles night spot, as he was waving goodbye to his company for the evening. Beverley was happy to lodge a pecking order of elite NBA teams going into 2018-2019. Much to the reporter's surprise, he placed his Los Angeles Clippers ahead of Golden State and the neighboring Lakers, at the very top of the NBA food chain. Keep in mind, the Clippers are a team that only finished a couple games over .500 while losing their franchise center, but do hear him out:

Beverley's breakdown of their chances begins on the defensive end of the floor. Beverley labels himself and teammate Avery Bradley as two of best defenders to EVER play the game, comparing their presence on the floor to playing against double illusion of NBA legends: "that's like two Gary Paytons playing with each other."

As for scoring the bucket, Beverley believes Danilo Gallinari and Tobias Harris are more than up to the task, and that's before you consider their second unit jumping on the floor, led by reigning NBA 6th Man of the Year Lou Williams. The veteran point guard has really fallen in love with the current group and you can't fault him for believing in himself and his teammates. He did mention, "I like the squad we have now," but would accept Kawhi Leonard with open arms, if he were to make his way over to Los Angeles (on the Clippers).