It's been well-documented that over the course of the last two days, players throughout the NBA have been figuring out a way to continue on with the season. Ultimately, they have decided that it would make the most sense to move forward with the season and that they plan on crowning an NBA champion. Of course, there is a caveat to this as they effectively pressured the owners into pledging money to social justice. Ultimately, their efforts were well worth it and as of Saturday, the games will continue.

However, the meetings didn't go without some drama. At one point, NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts spoke to the players to discuss the financial impact of abandoning the season. Patrick Beverley didn't seem too happy with her remarks and continuously interrupted her. Upon asking if she could continue, Beverley told her "No, I pay your salary," according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports.

As told in Haynes' piece, Beverley was immediately called out for these comments as Chris Paul and Udonis Haslem told him not to be disrespectful. Other players also called out Beverley which just goes to show the issues they took with his statement.

It's rare interactions such as these one end up so public, which just goes to show how offended some of the players were. After a while, cooler heads prevailed as the players were able to come to a solution that will benefit everyone.