NBA players are slowly but surely making their way to the NBA Bubble City in Orlando, Florida, and so far, there have been some pretty mixed reviews. Not every player is happy with their living quarters, although that's par for the course when you consider how the players are forced to socially distance as to not get infected with the virus. It remains to be seen how this entire bubble city experiment is going to go down, although Clippers players like Lou Williams and Patrick Beverley are already making the most of their experience.

Both players took to their social media pages to show off what their hotel rooms looked like. As you can imagine, these rooms aren't very big although the players came prepared. In the video below, Beverley reveals that he has a PlayStation 4 in the room and that he has all of the snacks you would ever need. Meanwhile, Williams brought quite a bit of goodies as well, revealing a plethora of snacks in his kitchen area.

Based on these clips, it's clear that both players are taking a college dorm approach to their quarantine life, and you can't help but feel reminiscent of it all. It remains to be seen how long it will take before both players are sick of what their surroundings, although hopefully it never gets to that point.