PARTYNEXTDOOR  did his very first interview with FADER a little while back, and now he's shared some more details of his upcoming album with the publication. While the OVO singer wasn't all that forthcoming about when we'll see the project, he seemed confident it wouldn't be too far away.

"It's coming, but it's wack to say just that," he said, laughing at the generic response most artists give these days. "The album's coming. I wanna make 100 songs for my album. I work very fast, but I haven't reached 100 yet. So when I get to 100, I'll pick from them."

As far as features are concerned, PARTY was similarly coy. "I have collaborators, but that's a secret," he said. "[My] dream list is like Tupac and Biggie. That's the dream list, but hopefully everything else is realistic".

Read the full interview here, and don't forget, the album is "coming".