R&Beef is in the air, and it seems that PartyNextDoor has finally publicly addressed his troubles with Jeremih. After the Chicago singer was removed from the tour's lineup, PND finally addressed the elephant in the room last night at a show in San Francisco. Here's what Party told the crowd:

"I appreciate everybody filling up this room, and standing in this room, and not refunding your ticket, because you want to see a real person ... I might not have the most hits in the game that’s under my name—I might not sing the best falsetto...Everyone knows I'm a real person and I don't have time for any other fake shit. I can't do fake shit. I'm not calling nobody fake, I'm just saying."

PND is definitely calling somebody fake, but that's okay. Check out a clip of the San Francisco show below.

It's really too bad the way things turned out. Check out the tour's promo video below to relive the promise that this tour initially had.