It's clear that PartyNextDoor is planning something, having recently sparked a wave of Colours 3 speculation with a cryptic Instagram post. And while last year's Partymobile remains fresh in our minds, don't be surprised to be PND continue his hot streak with a new chapter of his beloved musical series. On that note, it's looking like he's moving to tie up a few loose ends, taking to Instagram to confirm that he'll be bringing the first chapter of Colours to digital streaming platforms this coming Friday.


Avalon/PYMCA/Gonzales Photo/Thomas Rasmussen/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

"Making the original COLOURS finally available everywhere Friday for the fans," captions PND, sharing a picture of the visually striking album cover. "Locked in, will be back soon." In an era where ease of access is growing increasingly important, seeing these older tapes slowly making their way onto streaming platforms is most welcome. And considering Party's 2014 EP featured fan-favorite tracks like "Girl From Oakland" and the Travis Scott-assisted "Jus Know," expect a few playlists to be adjusted accordingly.

In fairness, it's possible that PartyNextDoor's recent Colours Instagram post-- the one that went on to spark hype that a third chapter is on the way-- was actually referring to this new development. And yet, he did maintain that he was locked in, insinuating that he's been spending time in the studio. At this point, don't be surprised to see PND deliver some brand new music in 2021, whether it be a third Colours or something entirely different. Will you be tuning in?