Parker Mckenna is said to have been abused by her ex-boyfriend Chris Sails. The former child star allegedly claims the incident was prompted by phone usage. The victim's camp told prosecutors that Sails "got pissed after he saw a DM from another man on her phone, and started beating her so badly, she thought she was going to die."

The frightening altercation took place last month at the apartment the pair was sharing at the time. Parker said this was the location they were in when Sails "punched and slapped her in the face, and choked her while slamming her head on the ground."

The actress called the police after the incident. The officers who showed up noted her black eye in addition to cuts on her neck. According to reports, Mckenna had initially tried to cover up the details of the situation, saying that her attacker was a woman who came to visit her. She backtracked on the matter two weeks later by stating that youtube star, Chris Sails, was the one who caused the injuries.
Sails is currently in police custody at a jail in Houston. 
Photos of Parker Mckenna's injuries surfaced online last month, garnering ill words for both the victim and the alleged abuser.