Paris Jackson recently hit the stage with her new band The Soundflowers, but before her debut performance, the 20-year-old had to undergo emergency surgery. Paris made a post on the band's Instagram story telling her followers that doctor's were able to operate before the abscess burst, which could cause septic shock and possibly death. “So long story short, I had surgery yesterday [Friday],” Paris said, describing how it was “almost the size of a golf ball.”

She added: “They operated immediately. It was definitely the most pain that I’ve ever been through in my entire life.” Paris and her crew played at the Fuck Cancer’s fundraising event in Canyon Sessions where Paris' grandmother was in attendance. “We played a show today, and we didn’t completely suck, and my fucking grandma was there, and I’m so relieved that she didn’t hate it, that she actually liked it. And, I don’t know, that means the world to me,” she said, as per Page Six.

Paris also described how she's on a lot of medication to help with the pain post-surgery.