Demi Lovato's overdose has reopened public discourse about addiction. Although this conversation is important and touches more people that some might think, there were assumptions made about Lovato's situation that weren't quite accurate. One of these assumptions is the claim that Paris Jackson was inspired to seek help and admit herself to a rehabilitation center following the news of her fellow singer's hospitalization. Paris doesn't have much patience for these lies.

Apparently, some thought Demi's hospitalization was a direct cause of Paris Jackson's seeking help for addiction. Someone quoted a "source connected to Michael Jackson's daughter" that supported this claim

"Demi almost died and this served as an alert for Paris to be healthy."

Jackson is refuting those claims completely. She screengrabbed the headline and posted it to her Instagram story. She wrote her own facts on top of the screenshot of the post that came from a Demi Lovato fan account.

"Um no?? i haven't gone to a clinic.. someone doesn't have to almost die for me to know to be healthy, i've already had friends OD and die. that's enough for me"

Paris Jackson takes after her father in her desire for privacy. She only just came out publicly about her issues facing a stalker. She is demure in some ways but still isn't here for the bullsh*t.