Paris Jackson was spotted exiting a Met Gala event in New York City on Thursday night. The model/actress was greeted by a drove of paparazzi who were there to interrogate her about a bevy of topics. However, one shutterbug was able to elicit a response from Jackson, and it was fuelled by anger and resentment. 

A paparazzo tried to stand out amongst the crowd and nab Jackson's attention by calling her "Doo Doo Head," which was a nickname her late father gave to her as a term of endearment. 

Upon hearing that, Cara Delevingne's rumoured girlfriend told the cameraman "don't fucking call me that, you don't have that right, dude," before being whisked away in an SUV. As a result, other paparazzi begin to call Jackson "Apple Head" for unknown reasons. 

Michael Jackson, the deceased King of Pop, routinely called his children, nieces/nephews, and Macaulay Culkin "Doo Doo Head." Witness the encounter below: