Paris Hilton says she is not the "dumb blonde" she pretends to be and discusses her history of abuse in her YouTube documentary, This Is Paris, set to release this month.

Paris Hilton, This is HiltonMike Coppola / Getty Images

"There's so many differences. With the character, it's mostly kind of this blonde, bubbly, kind of Barbie airhead. And, in real life, I'm the exact opposite," she said on CBS Sunday Morning. "… I'm not a dumb blonde. I'm just very good at pretending to be one." 

Hilton says she uses the caricature as a way to suppress the childhood trauma she endured while enrolled in "behavior modification school" in Utah. She says she was beaten at the school, and has not discussed it publically until now.

"When I got out, I was just so grateful and so happy to be free and to be out of there that I just didn't want to bring it up," Hilton said. "I was, like, I'd rather, you know, just never talk about this. Just don't think about it. And the moment I stepped out of that building is when I decided I'm never telling this story to anyone, ever."

She also blames the school for conditioning her to accept abuse and says she has had at least five ex-boyfriends who were abusive in her life.

“It made me trust no one,” Paris says in the film. “Not even my own family.”

This Is Paris arrives on YouTube, Sept. 14.