Everyone made some excellent suggestions on which songs would lead to an ass-whupping if their parents ever found the listening to it (now or in the past), and we’ve put them together in one playlist for your enjoyment.

For reference, the playlist was inspired by the video of the angry mother who found her son’s hip hop playlist on Spotify and proceeded to go through a number of songs, becoming increasingly shocked at the lyrical content. Almost everyone has been there at some point another, whether it was parents discovering your stash of explicit tapes/CDs, or looking through your YouTube history and finding the songs you listened to last.

The playlist includes classics like “My Neck, My Back,” “Freaky Tales,” “Wait (The Whisper Song),” as well as newer (but no less raunchy) tracks like “Or Nah (remix)” and “Dick Pleaser.” Just don’t show it to your parents/kids/grandmother.