While it's no secret that many items have gone into scarcity, including the in-person radio freestyle, Papoose has come through with a serviceable replacement for the time being. Taking place from the interior of his whip, Pap opted to play a guessing game of sorts, inviting listeners to follow his lead and venture their best guesses. "Who am I ???" he inquires, engaging with fans via Instagram. "Hashtag your answer in the comments."

Papoose Freestyle

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Taking to a low-key, vaguely spooky sample, Pap paints a mental picture. "I was born in a laboratory, my mother's a scientist," he raps. "I don't know who my father, they both denying it / China said it was the U.S, they telling different stories / I don't know who was my father, somebody call Maury / when you sneeze, people used to say God bless you / since I came around, now when you sneeze they disrespect you / you don't have the symptoms, so you think I'm not inside ya? / ask KD -- I'm the real easy money sniper."

Hardly what you would call a challenge, but an interesting take from the Golden Father all the same. In truth, it's hard to say how such eerily topical lines will be received, but it certainly helps to address the ongoing situation head-on. Don't expect these to be the last Coronavirus bars you hear this year -- they may very well, however, earn the title of "most conceptual."