Papoose caused quite a stir when he seemingly crashed the Summer Jam XX stage earlier this month. One way or another, the incident definitely got people talking about the rapper again, to the point that his name was trending on Twitter. Pap stopped by the Breakfast Club to speak about the incident, as well as the state of New York rap, and how he turned down some beats from Kanye West.

The NY rapper explained that Kendrick bringing him out on stage was a way for K-Dot to repay him for putting the TDE rapper on early in his career. "Kendrick Lamar, before he even got on, I had a relationship with Him. I brought him on my stage show and let him touch the mic. Him, Jay Rock and all them. He brought me out-- returned the favor."

Pap explained that while it was a sanctioned appearance in some ways, getting out there was still a bit of a struggle. "A couple people knew a couple people didn't know. So to be honest I had to deebo my way though a little bit to make it happen. Then when it was time for it to happen, a couple forces to be tried to stop it, so we had to bumrush it a little bit."

Papoose then spoke of how he received production from some of the biggest producers in the game earlier in his career, but decided against using it. "I had beats from Kanye." he revealed. "The beats that I got from all these big producers, I didn't like none of them," said Pap, who explained that he wouldn't use a beat just because of the name attached to it.

The rapper said he was happy with the current state of hip hop. "Yeah, because it started in New York, and so many other regions are doing it, it shows we can influence the world," he made sure to stress that while hip hop in general was in a good place, New York rap was a different story." he state of hip hop, I can respect it, but the state of New York, it's corny," indicating that the "New York sound" was fading. "You don't know if they're from Dade County or Brooklyn!"

Watch the full interview below.