It looks like Remy Ma is currently going through a pretty tough labor at the moment as she’s giving birth to her first child today. Her husband, Papoose, just took to his Instagram to give fans an update on the delivery, saying it’s been a “tough labor,” but Remy is fighting through it and being a warrior.

“Tough labor, but my wife is still fighting through it. She’s a warrior! Keep us in your prayers! #TheGoldenChild is on the way” he wrote.

If you follow the couple on social media or watch their show, then you already know how obsessed Papoose has been with this unborn baby, naming him the “golden child” over the weeks. The name, which is just a title given to him for time being, is rather fitting considering the power couple were expected to have their first child last year but sadly lost it. So the two have been waiting for this baby for a long time, and it looks to be finally here in a matter of hours.

Check out Pap’s update (below) and be sure to keep Remy & the family in your prayers.