Papoose and Remy Ma have been in the process of trying to conceive a child for years. They had done so a few years back, but the baby passed away before being born. Their latest attempt following medical complications has been successful and the couple is elated. Papoose shows his love for his unborn child by getting new ink.

He shared his tattoo on social media as part of the cover art for his latest single "Golden Child," which dropped yesterday. The song celebrates the joys of hearing the baby's heart beating from the mother's womb. Remy Ma is featured on the track, along with singer Angelica Villa. 

Remy Ma and Papoose are documenting this new chapter in their life through a reality television series on VH1. Meet The Mackies follows the rappers as they juggle their blended family and their music careers. This production comes after the married lovers renewed their vows to celebrate 10 years of love and loyalty. 

"Golden Child" offers a taste of Papoose's upcoming album entitled Underrated. His last studio album, You Can't Stop Destiny, dropped in 2013. Remy Ma's last full-length project was a Terror Squad team effort with Fat Joe. Plata O Plomo was released in 2017.