Papoose has been out the game for a minute, but that doesn't mean he's lost the ability to obliterate a mic. In fact, the last time he hit up Funkmaster Flex's show to spit a freestyle with his wife Remy Ma, the session raked in over a million Youtube views. Despite never exactly catching on as a staple in the game, Papoose has always been known as a capable lyricist, so it's no surprise that he excels in these types of situations. Ultimately, he's pretty much the definition of that old cliche, "a rapper's rapper," and Pap proves himself by going in for nearly seven minutes. 

He kicks off the cypher on a topical note, recapping some of America's pressing issues: "Kaepernick set an example for the NFL, none of them listened, now they all kneelin' since Trump called em 'sons of a bitches," raps Papoose, before reminding us that despite the fact that he hasn't "had a deal in years," he's still "flashin' jewelry." In keeping with the trend of rattling off modern references, Papoose delivers some punchlines about Pennywise and It, slides in with a take on the "For The Pussy" challenge, and pays homage to "the Queen" Remy Ma with a level of dedication that would make 21 Savage proud.

While it takes him a little while to pick up steam, after the two minute mark, he really sets it off. Kicking the flow into high gear, Papoose establishes his dominance, switching it up and serving up some dope multis for ya'll. For those who lament the supposed loss of lyricism in modern-hip-hop, at least you can count on cats like Papoose to keep the tradition alive. As long as they have forums like the DJ booths of Funk Flex and Sway, the art of the cypher will never truly die.