50 Cent is out here straight wildin' on Instagram. Aside from his numerous troll posts, and statements to Get The Strap, the man is now sending out thirsty messages on Remy Ma's Instagram photos when he knows damn well she's got a man. 50 hopped in the comment section of Remy's latest upload saying, "Damn Remy you lost mad weight, hey slim."

But he didn't get away with it because Remy's husband, Papoose, followed-up to put 50 in his place and even brought up 50's baby mama - yikes. "Damn, @DaphneJoy no wedding yet? If @50Cent doesn't marry you... I'll introduce you to my homeboy. He's more mature," he replied. 

50 has yet to reply to Papoose, and maybe that means it's just all in good fun and they'll all just go back to normal, with no more beef coming from this. Papoose and Remy just announced that they're expecting their first child together, so it's safe to say they got other things to be working on. "I’ve been eating right, working out, and preparing for this for almost a year. We are so happy; thank you to everyone that prayed for us and sent blessings our way," she said.