The relationship between Papoose and Remy Ma has been hailed as the epitome of love in hip hop. The Love & Hip Hop: New York stars will parlay their happy marriage into a book. The "Black Love" couple will drop science on love in a relationship guide.

"It's so cool but it's really crazy because he's really good with words and I'll look over his shoulder and be like let me give us women better advice because he's over here trying to show us out," Remy said about her collaboration with Papoose to Buzzfeed's Another Round.

The couple might indeed be experts in love; he married her while she was still behind bars. Since then, she said their marriage withstood everything life has thrown at it.

"What me and my husband have is really genuine and people were really worried, like, 'I'm worried about you guys I see people in these relationships and they go on reality TV shows and their relationships go to shit.' And I'm like [...] considering that I was in prison for almost seven years, he kinda stuck around," the Bronx rapper said.